How to Complete Frontline Commando

Frontline Commando Tips

Frontline Commando is one of the first free game with high graphics. The game is trendy and has amazing graphics (as a free on).
The third party shooter game is very cleverly designed. I guess that is the new strategy to earn cash from a free game. The first few episodes and chapters are pretty easy to complete. But as you move on there comes episodes that will force you to purchase coins or weapons.It can lead to quite a frustration sometimes because it make you believe that there is no way you can complete the stage without a powerful weapon or cash. But it is not the game if you are a dedicated game freak and determined to complete it without spending a single penny. It is possible guys.
You can complete all the stages, a total of 15 stages in Chapter 1 without letting a single penny out of your pocket. I have done it...There is no cheat codes or anything for the game..Only cheat codes is to use your Credit Card. 

Here are some of the tips that can help you to complete the game.
This is the last screen that comes up after completing stage 15 in Chapter 1.

Tips to complete the game:

- In all stages Sharpshooters are the most difficult one.Look for the Red light in Snipers.
- The black commandos in the later stages cannot be killed in one or two shots..Use launchers.
- Rocket Launchers are damaging but easy to kill..mostly single shots.
- Avoid throwing grenades too close to you otherwise you'll end up killing yourself.
- Shoot and move to another cover point.

Tips to Win:

i. Keep moving between covers while shooting.
ii. First 2-3 guns are easy to purchase. Trouble starts after you have purchased the Tier 2 sniper Steelette. 
iii. After this stage try to complete the remaining stages using the Sniper, Rockside Grenade launcher or one of the Assault rifle. 
iv. Very important point: After completing few of the next stages you'll have enough money to buy the Ice-Cold assault for 16,000. Do Not buy it..that is a waste of time. Earn more mony till you reach 24,000. Buy the Durazoom Sniper..Real awesome gun..Mostly one shot kills..Will help you to compelet few more stages.
v. Next buy the Typhoon Shotgun..good one too..
v. Buy nothing after that till you have all the money to buy the Best one, The Frag-5...This gun will help you to complete remaining stages...though the last chapter "Rakim Khan" could be a pain but if played cleverly then it can be done..:-)

Enjoy the free game.... :-)